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Current Programs offered by Adele:

Making Your Creations Come to Life

Perfect for you if you have an idea/creation that is not taking off the way you thought it would?! Do you have some anxiety about where to begin? I can help you from start to finish!" 

Includes Adele's team of people: 

1. Digital tech made easy - Things need to be simple.

2. Adele's coaching in anxiety, directing creativity, time management, and then making Sh... happen!, 

3. Finding and presenting to the "right" targeted audience via social media and networking platforms!

Time Management

How about living a new life without anxiety and worry? This can be done! It's not about time mgmt, it's about be conscious, in the moment! Let's work together on focusing on each step and not allowing the distractions. 

Mastering What Drives Your Emotions

Do you ever wonder why you get annoyed or even rage out if something isn't going the way you planned. Adele will assist you in resolving conscious and unconscious emotional baggage that get in your way of your success

Adele will walk you through the reasons of why you decided to believe what you believe. These things are stopping you from creating, communicating clearly and more importantly, being content.  

ADHD is Unique to Each Individual  

Adele will work together with you to identify the best system that works for you. You have the answers & she will help you create, express and ground the tools that works best for you!!

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